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Bart struggles in school and at home. He has flunked two grades, his parents are divorced, and he hates his stepmother with a passion he cannot name. He is fast becoming a man – thick, well-muscled and lean. He was made for the violence of football.

Franklin is the smart, goody-two-shoes, Boy Scout son of a prominent banker. His mother worries about him incessantly and he worries about himself, as well. He is just beginning to mature – he’s soft and bright and got his head handed to him in his last experience on the football field.

Bart and Franklin meet on the football practice field, and Bart beats Franklin like a rented mule: fists to the groin, gouges to the eyes – there are no tricks he does not use. And Franklin is equal to the task; he never backs down. And learns a trick or two of his own. 

The two join together with their Fighting Scot teammates to go undefeated. It’s the first time their small Southern town has experienced an undefeated team in over three decades. 

The story is built around football, but it encompasses family and faith, loss and love, and the ultimate reconciliation of two boys who – on the face of it – have very little in common.

As one reviewer said: "A true delight. I expected a book about football. I got that and so much more. A stunning debut novel. Highly recommended."

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